Improve Your Singing….Expand Your Songwriting Skills …Sharpen Your Voiceover Techniques! Get High Level Instruction from a Music Professor and Top Industry Professional

Improve your singing…Find your authentic voice….Write hit songs …Get your song, melody and lyrics critiqued by a pro….Let an artistic mentor guide your career. Let’s take you to the next level!

As a top session singer and multi-platinum selling songwriter, Dana Calitri has appeared on over 40 million records. She can be heard all over the world on radio, TV, in film, video games and toys. Dana has worked with acclaimed artists such as CELINE DION, ELTON JOHN, MARC ANTHONY, FERGIE, TRAIN, and numerous others and has appeared on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, THE TODAY SHOW, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, and in the Miramax movie and soundtrack, CHICAGO with RICHARD GERE, RENE ZELLWEGER and CATHERINE ZETA-JONES. Dana has sung commercials for almost every product imaginable, including FOLGERS, COKE, DR. PEPPER, STOUFFERS, PILLSBURY AND SEARS, among others.

Private Voice and Songwriting Lessons • Voiceover Training • Vocal Coaching • Let’s Take Your Voice to the Next Level

Voiceover Training

voiceover training

Voiceover is a craft that is learned. Although many are gifted with a nice speaking voice, there are techniques that need mastering before one can get to an audition. I’ve done voiceovers for many of the commercials you’ve heard, and can teach you how. Read more.

Voice Teacher

vocal coach in tri-state area

My students are recording artists, actors, dancers, Broadway performers, songwriters and those who simply want to indulge their love of music! Some may need voice lessons; others a vocal coach. Many students know how to “sing correctly” in a lesson, but are unable to apply it when singing live or in the studio. Read more.

Songwriting Lessons

songwriting lessons in ny and nj

Dig deeper into your songwriting and define yourself as an artist! Learn how to find great titles and concepts, how to write unforgettable hooks and melodies and meaningful lyrics. In addition to writing for some of the top artists in the business….. Read more.

My Experience Can Do Wonders for Your Musical Development



Although I’ve worked with *NSYNC and Celine, Daughtry and Halestorm, I’m equally proud of my recording work with emerging artists. Feel free to check out my discography.

Creative Artist Development

artist development

Working in a variety of musical settings including stage, television, movies and commercials has enabled me to help my student-clients create realistic, workable strategies for long and lucrative careers. Read more.


“Dana is an accomplished singer and a dedicated teacher. She exudes both warmth and professionalism. After losing some of my vocal range while on tour, I went to see Dana.”

Nandi Plunkett from the band Pinegrove


sing for your health
Most musicians know instinctively that something amazing happens when we sing and create music. We feel alive and more connected to one another. We feel happier! Now science is finally catching up and the research supports what we’ve known in our hearts to be true. Read more.
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