About Dana

As a top session singer and multi-platinum selling songwriter, Dana Calitri has appeared on over 40 million records. She can be heard all over the world on radio, TV, in film, video games, jingles and toys. Dana has worked with acclaimed artists such as CELINE DION, ELTON JOHN, MARC ANTHONY, FERGIE, TRAIN, and numerous others and has appeared on the TV shows, ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, TODAY, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, and LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN. She has appeared in the movie, NINE, with DANIEL DAY-LEWIS and NICOLE KIDMAN and in the Miramax movie and soundtrack, CHICAGO ,with RICHARD GERE, RENE ZELLWEGER and CATHERINE ZETA-JONES. Dana has sung commercials for a wide variety of products, including those for FOLGERS, COKE, DR. PEPPER, STOUFFERS, PILLSBURY, CHRYSLER and FORD.

After recording deals with Virgin and Universal Records, Dana began writing songs for other artists and landed her first cut with *NSYNC, which went on to sell over five million records. In 1999 Dana signed with Notation Music Publishing, writing songs for acclaimed international artists and winning more gold and platinum awards with Bad Boy Records artist DREAM, and country singer JESSICA ANDREWS. In 2005 she began working with B.O.K Music. Her song “Crashed” appeared on the highly successful DAUGHTRY debut, which was the top selling album of 2007. The song, a hit at rock radio, was licensed repeatedly for commercials and TV sports events, and was even used in the Super Bowl.

Her hit single, “I Get Off”, put Atlantic recording artist, HALESTORM, on the map and was one of the top 5 rock singles of the year. The single went platinum in 2023. In 2016 Dana added more gold records to her collection with SHINEDOWN’s “Amarylis” and HALESTORM’S first two albums, “Halestorm” and “The Strange Case of…”

A graduate of Brown University, Dana began her formal vocal training at the age of 14 at The Manhattan School of Music. Her private study was under the direction of Lydia Summers, Anne Countryman and Helen Hobbs-Jordan. Dana’s interest in Sound Healing led to study with masters Kevin Michael, Fabien Maman, Dr. Louise Montello, Don Campbell and the Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo. Dana is a frequent presenter at conferences and gives workshops on the power of the voice as a tool for healing, to facilitate deeper awareness and to enhance creativity. She is co-founder of SING FOR YOUR HEALTH, which offers workshops on Parkinson’s Disease and the healing power of singing.

Dana teaches voice and songwriting at New York University, is a guest lecturer at Berklee College of Music and teaches privately in New York City and New Jersey. Because of her extensive experience as a session singer, songwriter, and recording artist Dana is especially effective with those interested in careers in pop, rock and R&B. Her vast experience gives each student unparalleled private lesson access to a breadth of knowledge that can provide a solid framework for beginners, and advanced techniques for the experienced, as well.

For more information contact Dana today by email or call her at 917.880.8058

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