Private Voice Lessons from an Award-Winning Recording Artist and Voice Teacher That Will Bring Out the Best in Your Voice. Save 15% on Classes for a Limited Time Only

vocal coach in tri-state area

Do want to enhance your singing?

Are you looking for a voice teacher but are not quite sure how to go about it?

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the music business or as a recording artist? Or maybe you’re just wishing you could sing freely with joy?

I am committed through voice lessons to helping my students find their authentic voice in my comfortable in-home studio.

Children, teens, and adults who take voice lessons with me are taught the foundation of healthy vocal technique and how to sing “mindfully” so they can protect their voices while singing all different kinds of material.

Voice Lessons are private and take place in my easy-to-reach home studio in Northern, NJ.

In voice lessons you will learn:


In each voice lesson students are given exercises to take home, including a DAILY WARM-UP ROUTINE to help keep your voice in shape.


I have appeared on over 30 million records as and singer and songwriter. I began by studying classical singing, which gave me a wonderful foundation. But when I came to New York City to start my career as a top session singer, I found that I had to adapt my formal training to the pop and rock music I was singing. My experience in the STUDIO, ON STAGE, SINGING BACKGROUND AND AS A LEAD SINGER/ARTIST has taught me how to work with my voice as an instrument.

My goal as a voice coach and singing teacher is to help my students develop their voices so they can SING EASILY AND EFFORTLESSLY IN ALL KINDS OF STYLES.

I have been teaching and working with artists for the past 15 years, privately and at NEW YORK UNIVERSITY and THE BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC. However, it is my 30 YEARS AS A SUCCESSFUL SINGER IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS THAT MAKES ME UNIQUE. As an artist and performer myself, I know how emotional the journey can be and how important it is to find a singing teacher with whom you can open up and be vulnerable.

Give me a call at 917.880.8058 and let’s have a conversation and see if I might be the right voice teacher for you!

Here are just a few comments from my students. You can read more on my testimonials page:

Anna Rose Moscovic

“I can’t say enough amazing things about Dana. She has this uncanny ability to make a safe space where you’re not afraid to be vulnerable. She connects with you on a spiritual level to really find the kinks in your voice and improve them. Not only has my technique improved, but also my confidence!”

Anna Rose MoscovicSinger/actress
Ruby Marchand

“Dana is a remarkable voice teacher. Her ear is terrific and she is able to beautifully articulate to students how to improve their craft. Her positive approach to teaching, her passion for music and her knowledge of technique make her an incredible mentor to students who wish to bring out the best in their vocals.”

Ruby MarchandVP of International Repertoire Development – Warner Music Group
Nandi Rose Plunkett

Dana is an accomplished singer and a dedicated teacher. She exudes both warmth and professionalism. After losing some of my vocal range while on tour, I went to see Dana. She graciously saw me without much notice and I’m so grateful she did! She led me through some sound healing techniques, including breathing and meditation, and gave me some helpful exercises to keep my voice healthy. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of vocal guidance.

Nandi Rose PlunkettRecording Artist, Pinegrove (Run for Cover Records) / Half Waif (Cascine Records)
Zoe Berg

Before I started taking lessons with Dana my voice was not in a healthy place. I’d strain myself when reaching for high-pitched notes, had a very limited understanding of proper vocal technique, and lacked confidence in my performance and songwriting abilities. However, within the first few weeks of working with Dana, together we identified vocal habits of mine that needed improvement (i.e. keeping the sound forward instead of having it sit on the vocal chords, breathing from the diaphragm instead of from the upper abdomen, etc.). From there we developed customized exercise routines to suit my particular needs and later applied newly acquired skills to my favorite Pop songs and classical works. All in all, working with Dana saved my voice and inspired me to trust my intuition as a musician and continue to share my love of music with the world. Thank you, Dana.

Zoe BergSinger / Songwriter

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