As a Respected and Experienced Singer, Songwriter, Voice Teacher and Vocal Coach, Read What Her Students and Colleagues Are Saying About Dana Calitri and Her Ability to Connect, Inspire and Teach

Andy Marvel

Dana is my first call recommendation for any singers, amateur or professional, with whom I work. Not only is she grounded in holistic techniques and solid musicality, but she has an intangible gift that not all teachers possess; she inspires students. Having had a multi decade career as a successful artist and songwriter, she has a wealth of knowledge about the music biz, which she shares with great humor and wisdom with her aspiring students. Love that Dana!

Andy MarvelSongwriter/Producer ~ Jason Derulo, Celine Dion, Diana King, Jessica Simpson
Jeff Franzel

Dana Calitri has a rare gift in teaching aspiring singers not only because of her emotional depth as a human being but also because of her success as vocalist and a pop songwriter for over 25 years. She performs as an artist, session and jingle singer and knows clearly how to guide singers in finding their true voice. I know because I have worked with many of Dana’s students over the years. She is a remarkable vocal coach and I highly recommend her to all the people I work with.

Jeff FranzelSongwriter/Musician ~ Josh Groban, Shawn Colvin, *NSYNC
Ruby Marchand

Dana is a remarkable vocal teacher. I highly recommend her to pop and rock vocal students. Her ear is terrific and she is able to beautifully articulate to students how to improve their craft. Her positive approach to teaching, her passion for music and her knowledge of technique make her an incredible mentor to students who wish to bring out the best in their vocals.

Ruby MarchandVP of International Repertoire Development, Warner Music Group
Shelby Ripka (Manager/Mother) Athena Ripka

Dana’s background as a recording artist and hit songwriter make her so much more then just a vocal coach. She focuses on not just technique and how to sing a song but also how to perform it. We met Dana when Athena was 10 years old and wanted to transition from Broadway to pop music. Dana has been a true mentor. She has been a constant source of encouragement and inspiration and has given Athena the skills to follow her dreams. There are certain people that you meet in life and feel lucky to know them. Dana is one of those special people.

Shelby Ripka (Manager/Mother) Athena RipkaSinger/Actress ~ Broadway/TV/Film (White Christmas, Little Girl Blue, 30 Rock, LA Law)
Phil J. Galdston

With her special combination of vocal and songwriting skills, Dana Calitri is a wonderful member of the NYU Steinhardt Songwriting faculty. She’s seen the contemporary music business from many angles and she’s succeeded as a vocalist, vocal teacher and coach, and hit songwriter. Dana is able to integrate her experience, her talents, and her understanding of a life in music to serve as an important resource for vocal students and those who study the art and craft of song, whether they’re “pure” songwriters or those who perform their own work.

Phil J. GaldstonDirector of Songwriting, Dept of Music & Performing Arts Professions, NYU Steinhardt
Lzzy Hale of HALESTORM

Dana Calitri is one of the best writers out there today! I love her!! She is a lion of a woman and has the ability to walk a line where as so many artists fall on the safe side. With “I Get Off”, she helped me marry a factual and intelligent story with sultriness. Empowering woman and inspiring men. The song is our biggest success to date and is one of those songs that will live in our live set forever!

Lzzy Hale of HALESTORMAtlantic Records Recording Artist
Kathy Sommer

Dana Calitri can take raw talent and turn it into something polished and beautiful.  Her wealth of experience as an exceptional artist and songwriter, as well as a commercial vocalist in almost every area of the music business, feed the deep well of knowledge that she so generously brings to her students in helping them to discover and cultivate not only their “personal voice”, but their skills in navigating a career in the music business. She is always there for support, encouragement, and an honest critique… an invaluable gift in any professional situation. She is a rare breed… a teacher, coach, confidant, collaborator, and gifted artist deeply connected to the heart and soul, while equally grounded in the nuts and bolts of the music business. I value Dana’s opinion at every turn, and am honored to call her my friend and collaborator.

Kathy SommerMulti-Platinum Songwriter / Musician / Broadway Conductor (Beauty & the Best, Wicked, Daughtry)

I am so lucky to work with such a wonderful artist and teacher like Dana Calitri. I have never felt so inspired before by such a gifted and talented woman. Dana and I have been working together for a few years now and she continues to push me both in and out of our lessons. She has a very strong work ethic and it has allowed me to reach my goals vocally, both live and in the studio. Her beautiful heart and passion towards her work is contagious. I would strongly recommend working with Dana because she will guide you to be the artist and the singer that you want to be!

SARIAHRecording Artist, Reigning Hearts Records / Universal
Nina Ossoff

When you study voice with Dana Calitri, not only do you get a program designed for the individual singer that enhances style and technique, but she also generously shares her years of experience as a singer, performer, artist and songwriter. She knows how to navigate a career in the music industry, which is a huge help to her students.

Nina OssoffMulti-Platinum Songwriter (Shinedown, Hilary Duff, Miss Congenialty)
Anna Rose Moscovic

I can’t say enough amazing things about Dana. She is has this uncanny ability to make a safe place where you’re not afraid to be vulnerable. She connects with you on a spiritual level to really find the kinks in your voice and improve them. Not only has my technique greatly improved, but also my confidence! Dana has an emormous amount of knowledge about music and the art of singing. I would like to thank Dana for her endless support and beautiful heart.

Anna Rose MoscovicSinger / Actress
Nandi Rose Plunkett

Dana is an accomplished singer and a dedicated teacher. She exudes both warmth and professionalism. After losing some of my vocal range while on tour, I went to see Dana. She graciously saw me without much notice and I’m so grateful she did! She led me through some sound healing techniques, including breathing and meditation, and gave me some helpful exercises to keep my voice healthy. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of vocal guidance.

Nandi Rose PlunkettRecording Artist, Pinegrove (Run for Cover Records) / Half Waif (Cascine Records)
Zoe Berg

Before I started taking lessons with Dana my voice was not in a healthy place. I’d strain myself when reaching for high-pitched notes, had a very limited understanding of proper vocal technique, and lacked confidence in my performance and songwriting abilities. However, within the first few weeks of working with Dana, together we identified vocal habits of mine that needed improvement (i.e. keeping the sound forward instead of having it sit on the vocal chords, breathing from the diaphragm instead of from the upper abdomen, etc.). From there we developed customized exercise routines to suit my particular needs and later applied newly acquired skills to my favorite Pop songs and classical works. All in all, working with Dana saved my voice and inspired me to trust my intuition as a musician and continue to share my love of music with the world. Thank you, Dana

Zoe BergSinger / Songwriter
Valerie Morris

Dana Calitri is one of a rare breed of teachers of singing. She understands the importance of ‘singing from the heart’ and underlines it in the lessons she gives to professional singers as well as those hopefuls who strive to have a career as full as Dana’s. Any person wishing to learn to sing well would best be advised to find the right teacher. Only the luckiest find themselves in the caring hands of someone as talented and successful as Ms Calitri.

Val Morris
CEO/ Manager
Vamnation Entertainment

Valerie MorrisCEO / Manager Vamnation Entertainment
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