Why It’s Important to Have an Acclaimed Songwriter as Your Songwriting Teacher

Lzzy Hale of HALESTORM

“Dana Calitri is one of the best writers out there today! I love her!! She is a lion of a woman and has the ability to walk a line where as so many artists fall on the safe side.”

Lzzy Hale of HALESTORMAltantic Records

Stop thinking about writing songs and start writing them! If you want to write a really good song, you’re going to have to work for it. A good songwriting teacher will help you with that! But you can start today without me. Commit to writing a certain number of songs per week, the way successful authors commit to writing a thousand words a day. Or leap-frog ahead and spend time with a powerhouse songwriter who can streamline the process with songwriting tips from my 20 years as a writer inside the music industry.

Whether your desire is to learn how to write songs for yourself or write hit singles for the world stage, songwriting is a craft that is learned. There are reasons why certain songs become successful and tricks of the trade that most hit songwriters employ. As your songwriting teacher, regardless of the level of your experience, I promise to draw on my years of success and experience and teach you crucial tips and songwriting techniques to make your songs stand out.

As your songwriting teacher you’ll learn in a private lesson setting how to:

  • Dig deeper into your lyric writing
  • Find great titles and concepts
  • Create musical hooks and catchy melodies
  • Understand song structure
  • Find your artist voice through your songwriting
  • How to be ready when inspiration calls

Who knows, one day your song just might land on the desk of a record executive, producer or recording artist and become the next big single, famous all over the world! It’s happened to me and I can teach you the songwriting techniques to improve your chances that it happens to you!

For more information on songwriting lessons or singing lessons for that matter, contact me at 917-880-8058 or email me today!

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