As Your Vocal Coach, I Will Help Guide Your Vocal Style into the Genre that’s Right for You.

Shelby Ripka

“Dana’s background as a recording artist and hit songwriter make her so much more than just a vocal coach. She focuses not just on technique and how to sing a song but also how to perform it. We met Dana when Athena was 10 years old and wanted to transition from Broadway to pop music. She has been a constant source of encouragement and inspiration. There are certain people that you meet in life and feel lucky to know them. Dana is one of those special people.”

Shelby Ripka Athena singer/actress (Film/TV/Broadway)

Applying traditional vocal technique to pop, rock or R&B can be especially challenging for the singer. Many students know how to sing “correctly” in a voice lesson but have a difficult time applying it when singing in the studio or with a band. As a voice trainer and vocal coach, my students are taught the foundations of healthy technique and how to protect their voices while optimizing their own distinctive sound.

As your vocal coach, I will focus you on repertoire and interpretation, helping you move beyond technique so you can bring your music to life. I guide my students in finding the most authentic way to express their creative voice and bring it out into the world.

Country singers sound very different than R&B singers. Broadway can lean more classical or it can be pop. Rock singers belt, and indie singers yodel. A good vocal coach will find the style that best suits your voice, and what you want to say to the world. This fit is the first step in developing and going forward with your musical artistry.

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